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Saturday, 10 October 2015

I thought I would start my first official blog post with a little introductory information about myself. Last month I moved down to London to start my English degree at Queen Mary, and it's the best decision I've ever made. Now, throughout Post-16, well at least throughout my school life most of us were pushed towards the ultimate goal of studying a degree; but at the mere age of 17 who knows what career path they want to take? I certainly didn't. So last year I took a gap year,
and I'll probably create a more in-depth post about that later on, but now starting university at the age of 20 (in two weeks time) was the best, informed, decision I have ever made. Oh, and the fact that I got to move to London!

Considering I've come from a town, the move to London wasn't that daunting after all. It was especially made so much easier with the great residential team at QM, oh and my lovely flatmates. Queen Mary has a large international presence throughout the campus, and I'm lucky enough to live with 5 other girls, 2 being from the UK, 1 from the US, 1 from the UAE and 1 from Hungary. 

So I'm now settling in to my third week of study at Queen Mary, and time has literally flown by. My first assignment is due next week, which is a little bit daunting but also exciting. However, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the weeks to come. I've recently joined the QM Angels Cheerleading squad, which is another unknown I've just plunged myself in to, and I'm absolutely loving it. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, which obviously makes the whole experience more enjoyable, but I'm looking to continuing to develop in a new sport. 

Of course, I miss home, I'm sure everybody here does. But, I'm continuing to power through with the wonderful aid of Leon (my boyfriend), who also lives in London. Despite the journey from door to door taking an hour, it's still nice to be relatively close to one another.

The aim of my blog really is to try and document my time here at university and explore the wonderful world that is blogging, something I'm very VERY novice at. So be patient, I'll try and update as much as possible.

Love Soph x
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