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Friday, 27 November 2015

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It's crazy to think that in a couple of weeks time I would have completed my first semester at University. 

There's been so much that has gone on these past few weeks: I turned 20!!! (eeeek, I still can't get over the fact that I'm no longer a teenager, it's incredibly saddening. But, HEY! People say your twenties are the best years of your life... SO I'm hoping they don't disappoint.)
I had such a special time and managed to go home for the weekend, and it was just so lovely to go home. Even if they took me to TGIF and embarrassed me completely, but isn't that what Mum and Dad are for right?

I joined the renowned QM Angels, and have been throwing myself into my new found love for Cheerleading. I've met some really lovely people and I'm so glad I decided to join a sports group. If I have one tip for future freshers - it's to join a team to society, it's great being able to socialise with such a diverse group of people, and not just people on your course! (Also the socials are really fun!!)

Another amazing thing has happened - I was voted First Year Course Representative! Out of around 15 or so other students, I was elected by fellow course members to represent them in a committee made up of other year representatives along with academic members of staff. The first meeting went incredibly well and despite how nerve-wrecking the thought out the first meeting was, it turned out pretty alright. I managed to collate some data from other English students and pass on the concerns we had to enable the department to rectify them for next years students... it's pretty rewarding knowing that I'm able to make this difference!

In terms of studying, I've now completed 4 assignments are have got plenty more to come. But it's not all that bad after the 6th there's no more until after the Christmas break! I also thought I would add in some of our Thanksgiving dinner photographs, it was such a lovely evening courtesy of Fanny (who was lumbered with all the cooking). However, she did a wonderful job and I'm so glad I've been blessed with such lovely flatmates.

That's such a quick summary of recent things, and I promise I'll update my blog more regularly now I'm all settled.

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