Happiness At Christmas

Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's easy to forget what Christmas is really about: our family, friends, a time for joy and love. We all forget modern day consumerism drives the country into overdrive and we're all bamboozled about the best, new products available on the high street. But what happens when you want to celebrate the meaning of Christmas, and you can't? Most people are happy, wrapping presents, dancing to Christmas songs on the radio. So why can't I feel like that? 

I'm new to this blogging thing, but I know I wanted to use my platform to spread awareness of issues that affect so many people, but that are left unspoken due to unnecessary stigmas. I guess, this platform also allows me to keep motivated towards something, and keep positive too. 

I have an illness. An illness that affects me in ways people can't understand. Actually, scrap that, most people don't want to understand. I feel that terms under the wide umbrella that is 'Mental Health' are just flung about these days, like people believe them to be something that people have because they want to be 'fashionable'. What they don't realise, it's how debilitating it is to have an illness that consumes you everyday, an illness that doesn't go away, regardless of the season you can't take a holiday from it. It's not as simple as 'just shrug it off, it's Christmas' or even, 'cheer up Scrooge'. I wish I could. It's hard enough having a vitamin D deficiency, without the shorter days making it virtually impossible to boost my serotonin levels.

I love Christmas! No, like, absolutely love Christmas. Any opportunity to get together with family or old friends and reminisce about the good times, drinking a few glasses of wine. I remember this time last year, doing all my last minute Christmas shopping but now the thought of going into a crowd infested shopping centre scares the crap out of me. I guess, I just want to say, to those don't feel 'christmassy' I hear you, loud and clear. And guess what? That's okay. Its okay the we don't feel bursting with Christmas joy - lots of people are in the exact same boat, for all sorts of reasons. If you know someone with depression, or anxiety, just let them know you're there for them this Christmas.

Just a reminder: we're not just sad, we're not 'upset' because of you, you can't just fix it and be patient. 

Appreciate those around you and make them feel loved. 

I also want to leave this article here, it's all about how to love people who aren't feeling themselves.


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