What 2015 Has Taught Me

Saturday, 19 December 2015


I can't believe how fast Christmas and the New Year has crept upon us. The last 6 months of the year just seem to have flown by, more than I would have liked them to. 2015 has been a weird year for me, I tried lots of things I never thought I would of, struggled with some personal demons (and still am) and have met some really cool people.
This year probably has not been my favourite year but 2015 has definitely taught me some valuable lessons. 

1. Smiling is important. Don't forget to smile.
Moving to London I really underestimated the lack of smiling faces. I mean, I'm not one to listen to stereotypes but WOW, Southern people do not like to smile. Or be smiled at. Or smiling in general. (Top tip for 2016: never smile on the tube. Ever. And yes this collage of selfies was taken on the tube - needless to say, it wasn't appreciated by the masses.)

2. Being a big sister is a huge responsibility, in fact, it's a privilege. 
Being a big sister is pretty cool. Having someone who looks up to you, and values your opinion so much is such a scary yet heart-warming thing. I wouldn't change my little sister to the world, and as she elopes into the early pre-teen dramas, I envy her. I wish I had an older figure to brush my tears away and tell me its all going to be okay.

3. London at night time is beautiful - in fact, London in December, at night, is incredibly beautiful.
One thing I can now appreciate it how wonderful the capital can be a night. The walk along Southbank was definitely my favourite, and although I've moved back home, it's not a goodbye forever London - I think I just need a break.

4. Once you reach a certain age, all-girl friendship groups actually work. 
I've always been a pretty guarded person in every aspect of life, and one thing in particular I was wary about where the friendships I made. 2015 restored my belief that you can meet people whose lives don't revolve around discussing everyone's business. I met the loveliest group of girls, who I had the privilege of living with, and I want to thank them all for being the sassiest bunch I've ever met. 

5. Entering your twenties and not having a clue where you're going with your life is OK. 
This year I turned 20. I won't lie, I did cry a little about not being a teenager anymore. But then again, I'll probably still look about 15 for another 5-10 years so it's not all bad. This year more than ever, I realised that it's okay to not have your life all mapped out and people need to speak about this more! We're the generation who were assumed to all go to university, get a degree, a masters, a great job from all that time spent studying - NEWSFLASH - its all lies. You can be successful if you put your mind to it, regardless of your education.

6. Family is the most important, fact. 
I don't think I ever realised how much of a homely person I was until this year. Moving out seemed like the best thing in the world, my own space and freedom but it's important to appreciate those who are closest to you. Home cooked dinners, Mum and her hugs and my lil bundle of love Toby (my dog) were just a few things that I really missed. Not only that, but the support network I have from my family is second to none - and I'm so glad to be home for Christmas with them all.

7. Cheerleading is dangerous, yet incredibly sociable, join cheerleading!
What a sport. Who else can say they've been accidentally punched by Ian Beale's son in the face? (soz Sam, I do forgive you really.) This year I've found a love for a sport which I never really saw myself doing. After giving up with anything remotely gymnastic at the age of 12, I figured cheerleading wouldn't be enjoyable, but IT IS, and it's addictive! 

8. My faith has been restored in humanity.
Community is something I overlooked until this year. It's amazing the impact the positivity of a community can have on wider society. There was a real sense of community in all aspects of QM, and on this day pictured, I was incredibly proud to be a student at Queen Mary. 

9. Cooking is actually not that bad, neither is Quorn, Quorn is great for you. 
How people do not like Quorn Chicken is beyond me. I mean, I think I prefer it to actual chicken. (Don't judge me.) I used to hate the idea of cooking but since it being a necessary skill for me to acquire I've actually enjoyed the process of learning how to cook. I've definitely got a long way to go before I consider myself remotely good at cooking. But, cooking has acted as a form of therapy, a delicious form at that.

10. Sambuca is definitely never a good idea - but chucking your glass of wine into your beer is!
Me and Sambuca have always had a love/hate relationship, I love it but it hates me the morning after. I decided to give up on my long-loved friend and opted for the "ram everything possible into one glass" choice for pre-drinking at university - something I would strongly not advise! But I think for now the Sambuca will stay far away from me in the New Year... (I hope.) 

What has 2015 taught you? Let me know!


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