40 Thoughts of A Newbie Blogger

Monday, 4 January 2016

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'What even is HTML? It sounds like a flipping disease... well it might as well be because it's that flipping painful.'

As I delved into the blogging world, during the back end of 2015, I was absolutely clueless. Probably still am. As the New Year is here, I'm ready to taking this blogging thing seriously. Blogging is something that allows me to have creative freedom, in my own peaceful corner of the internet. It has probably been the best thing I decided to do in 2015, andI'd encourage anybody who is thinking about setting one up to just do it! 

Here's a few thoughts of my newbie Blogger self, that still occur:

1. Okay, let's do this... Right, Blogger vs. Wordpress, Blogger, Wordpress. I mean, what does self-hosted even me? Nah, I'm done.

2. These Youtube tutorials don't even help.. Oh man, I'll just go with trusty ol' Google. Come at me Blogger.

3. Blog names are important. Blog names are important. Blog name is... oh balls, I'll just go with my name.

4. Right. So where are all the good themes?

5. You have to pay?!?!?! To have a good blog?!?! What is this mockery?

6. Someone followed my blog *does a little dance involving booty shaking*

7. Bloglovin' y u not finding my blog, I just want claim it goddamit!

8. I like this theme, it only cost me £10 so I'm winning really..... aren't I?

9. My life would be SOOOOO much easier if I could just learn HTML coding.

10. What even is HTML? It sounds like a flipping disease... well it might as well be because it's that flipping painful.

11. I wonder if any of my friends are reading this? Ha. Who am I kidding, no one is reading this. 

12. I'll schedule posts for 3 times a week, and I shall stick to it.

13. Oh man, writers block, go away, go away, go away!!!!!

14. My face wasn't even in shot. Bye-bye killer selfie.

15. Why did I even use Twitter before having a blog?

16. Scrap that! What did I do before I had a blog?

17. People are so nice in the Blogging community, it makes my heart melt. Thank god for all these wonderful people liking my Insta selfies. God bless you all.

18. Maybe if I just sell a kidney I can get myself a DSLR.... Maybe?

19. Muuuuuuummmmmm, I need the bathroom, I need some friggin natural daylight.

20. If I stick a fancy filter on it, maybe no one will notice how bad my photography is...

21. *Clicks on emails* Somebody commented on my blog!! MY blog, oh sweet jesus what a wonderful day.

22. Maybe I shouldn't put that... Is that TMI? Oh what the heck, we're all human.

23. Y am I not as cool as all the cool, calm, collected individuals in the Blogosphere :(

24. Blogger chats on Twitter? How? Why? Where? I want in!

25. This is exhausting, *looks at the time* HOW IS IT 1.39AM?

26. Develing deep into the realm of Youtube is not good for you. Stop it. *4 hours later* My god, I just wanted to know what eye products Lily Pebbles has on...

27. Somebody liked my tweet. I repeat. Somebody liked my tweet. Am I cool now? Someone thinks I'm cool.

28. How do people edit their photos like that? I can just about use Paint, never mind Photoshop.

29. I think I'm addicted to Instagram. So much freaking marble! I need some marble in my life.

30. Okay, let's just have a few hours break from the internet.

31. OH BUT SOMEONE FOLLOWED MY BLOG, I need to find out more about this misguided individual and how they came to find lil' old me.

32. Should I post more beauty posts? I mean, I'm probably crap at makeup. Do people even like beauty posts?

33. *tries as hard as possible to get an artsy photo of a flower on iPhone 6*

34. I love my life. Maybe I should post about my life. Hellllllll nah, no one wants to read that shit.

35. Why did I just put that? I make myself cringe. I'm going to cry in a hole.

36. Do people even use Pinterest?

37. So many social media platforms to read - where do I begin?

38. I take my hat off for all those full-time working people, who still manage to upkeep a blog. They must be so organised. Why can't I just be organised.

39. *laptop runs out of charge* My sweet precious baby, what will I do now?

40. #GirlGang is the best thing to exist. I feel so empowered. Yes to feminism! Yes to ending Girl Hate! I love blogging I do.

Let me know if you have any newbie thoughts about blogging, or even old thoughts about starting your blog in the comments below!

Ciao for now,

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