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Monday, 25 January 2016

Life can get a bit hectic at times, and if there's one thing I've learnt, it's to definitely try and be more mindful. I thought I would share with you guys 50 things that make me happy, in attempt to be more 'mindful'.

Since reading Rachel Kelly's 52 Small Steps to Happiness, I've learnt a few techniques to try and keep my mental health under control. After reading this book, I wanted to create a post to remind myself of the little things that make me happy.

1. Fresh bed sheets. There is something wonderful about jumping into bed with fresh, crisp sheets. It's like a little bit of heaven.

2. A good morning text - from my beloved boyfriend, can set me up for the day in the best mood possible. There's something so lovely about being a person's first thought in the morning.

3. Wetherspoon's Ham & Cheese Toastie. Honestly, it's my favourite lunchtime treat.

4. Having a good eyebrow day. Literally, when my eyebrows are all in the right place on my face - I feel like doing a mini-celebration dance.

5. Cooking yummy meals. Recently, since moving back home I've been really loving cooking. I've never really been good at it, but I'm making a conscious effort to try more foods.

6. A tidy room. The saying "tidy room, tidy mind" really resonates with me. When my room is in order, I feel like my life is in order.

7. Bookshops. I live for bookshops. I can't explain the feeling of walking into one and get submersed in all the fresh, new books waiting for you. I could honestly spend hours in one.

8. A great cup of tea. In life, I feel like if there's one key skill in life - it's being able to make the perfect cuppa.

9. Catching up with an old friend. I'm the sort of friend, that if you've not seen me in a few months, when we meet up, nothing will have changed. I love this sorts of friendships. The natural, easy, care-free ones, where you know they're there for you when you need them most.

10. Ice cold water. I love ice cold water, there's nothing that quite quenches my thirst other than water.

11. Thinking about the future, I love making plans for the future. So far, I'm having a Pug called Jeff.

12. That's another thing - Pugs. I just love them. They're so adorable. My mum thinks I'm crazy, and they're ugly dogs and that makes me cry a bit. But wow. Yeah, I got a lot of pug related items for Christmas. Oh and I have 2 pillows with pugs on. I think I'm obsessed...

13. A new notebook. A spiralled one. It has to be spiralled.

14. Having a car jam. There's nothing I love more than blasting some Queen B on in my Micra, and driving. I have the best time in my car. Other drivers must think I'm insane.

15. Receiving post - that isn't a bank statement to tell me how poor I am. Posting letters is such a forgotten activity, and I feel we should write letters more often.

16. Being the little spoon.

17. When people RT my tweets. I feel like it's a little fist bump or a seal of approval from someone.

18. Slogan tees. They make my life. I love a good sassy slogan.

19. My parents - they're the coolest people on the planet, and I'm so grateful for them.

20. Fresh flowers, especially carnations. I love flowers, they're such a lovely gift, giving or receiving them makes me happy.

21. Receiving emails that aren't a Topshop promotion - they break my heart, then my bank balance.

22. When you get a really good Instagramable selfie, after 40 plus attempts.

23. Spending time applying my makeup. I feel like it can be a mini-ritual that keeps me calm. It's great when you can spend extra time perfecting that cat-eye.

24. The feeling when you finish a really good book. I'm currently reading a lovely self-help book about steps towards happiness. It's making me feel a lot more mindful. Hence probably this post...

25. Late night motivation. I always have a burst of energy or creativity late at night. I can literally be dumb out of ideas for blog posts, and then bam 10PM - I've got a book full of them.

26. When Leon tells me how he's getting on at uni - it makes me bubble up with pride, and I feel so overwhelmed at how lucky I am to have him.

27. A good chicken korma. Saturday night curries are life.

28. Watching a guilty pleasure on TV - mine has to be reality TV. I'm obsessed with this years Celebrity Big Brother. There's so much drama, I love it. Oh, and Scotty T is nice on the eyes.

29. Duvet days - I love a good duvet day, you slob in your pyjamas all day and watch cheese films. There's nothing I better. I need one of these soon.

30. My Dad's hot chocolate, he has the perfect recipe of making the best hot chocolate. No one even comes close to his.

31. Peanut butter. Do I need say anymore?

32. Yes I do - Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunkys. Wow.

33. Planning holidays, especially since the cold weather has decided to stay put. Organising and searching for a bargain holiday is great. It gives me something to look forward too. It's hard enough having a vitamin D deficiency - without living in a country with 0 sunshine.

34. A Reggie Yates/Stacey Dooley BBC documentary. I love those guys. Their documentaries are so eye-opening, and often explore some very serious, controversial topics.

35. Joining Twitter chats. These are my new favourite pass times on social media, I love interacting with other bloggers. God knows what I used Twitter for before I had a blog?

36. Reading Hannah Gale's blog. She probably is my favourite blogger right now.

37. When someone tells you they enjoyed reading you blog post - it's always so warming when someone recognises your hard work, and they enjoy it!

38. Wearing comfy clothes. I love when you can come home, chuck your jeans off, and slob about in a cosy jogger set.

39. Being told I love you. Be it from Leon, or family members.

40. Starting a new series and binging - 7 hours later, you're left confused, hungry and disgusted with yourself.

41. Listening to a throwback 90s RnB song. I live for 90s RnB - literally is my jam.

42. When you just manage to jump on the tube, seconds before the doors closing and you feel like a boss ass ninja.

43. Fluffy socks.

44. Anxiety free nights, where I can sleep a whole night through.

45. Cheesecakeeeeeeee - my absolute favourite desert ever.

46. White Zinfandel. Rosé wine is the way to my heart.

47. When people tell you they're proud of you.

48. When I discover a good bargain.

49. Reflective/productive train journeys.

50. Wearing a killer pair of heels.

What things make you happy? Let me know if we have any in common!

For now,

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