How I Got Grey Hair

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hey gals, after asking you guys what you want to see on the blog on Twitter, I figured I better get this post out! I'm super excited to share my process of how I achieve this grey hair look!

Ever since the whole Silver/Grey toned hair came onto the scene, I've been obsessed. I used to watched endless Youtube tutorials on how to achieve the perfect grey tone hair. I was sooooo desperate to achieve that cool toned, silver fox look. But without the damage. Especially being a huge fan of Victoria from InTheFrow, I've been drooling over her hair for months. But I've never been one for crazy colours or pushing the boat out when it came to my hair, so I was super excited to try this look! 

If you've read any blog posts, or watched any videos on how to achieve grey hair, you'll know it's a daunting process. Hours of bleaching, and sitting with silver toners on your hair, never knowing if this time you'll finally achieve it. 

Now hold on gals, I've solved your problem. I managed to get grey hair and without the bleach too!

I'm just going to throw a disclaimer out there - there is hair dye involved, and this could potentially leave hair feeling a little bit worse for wear, but nowhere near the damage caused by bleaching. 

On a whim I popped into my local Superdrug, I was just casually strolling through the hair dye section as I'm an absolute hair dye fiend. 

I discovered that one of my favourite brands for temporary pastel colours had launched some new products. 

Colour Freedom have just recently launched their new Metallic Glory range, which are a set of permanent hair colours, claiming to transform your locks into that must-have grey trend. There are 5 different shades in the new collection, so there's a shade for pretty much any hair colour. 

Now, originally I had a balayage brunette into blonde hair, which I had done at my favourite salon in September. The blonde was just light enough for me to use this product and gain my desired effect. 

The downside to the product is that if you want it to have a striking effect, you generally need a light blonde base. So you can't really have it all. However, some of the darker greys in the range can be used on a media brown base. It's such a great product because you don't need to have bleached hair for the product to work. 

I excitedly grabbed the Graphite Grey colour, after reading the box I was promised this shade would take me to the desired grey locks I longed for. I popped the colour on all over my head, like a normal box dye, and waited impatiently for the advised 20 minutes. 

As I washed my hair, I was so excited by the cool steel tones I could see. After applying my trusty Moroccan Oil, a few spritz of my heat protector, and a full blow dry I was in love. I was finally that steel toned grey I was craving.

The colour itself was perfect, I loved how ashy it had turned out. In terms of the product, it's infused with Shea Butter so it left my hair feeling so silky smooth, something I had never really found before from a bog-standard box dye. Trust me. I'm a hair dye queen, and this bad boy is so soothing and silky on the locks. It felt like I had just had a salon experience. 

Now in terms of longevity of the product I cannot comment, however I'll make sure I get back to you. I intend to use purple shampoos, just to see if this helps keep the colour a little bit longer. I'll update you with a blog posts on my grey hair haircare routine (what mouthful) in the coming months. 

Overall, I'm so impressed with this product and I cannot recommend it enough. If you're thinking of getting on the grey scene, definitely give this product a try! It's currently on offer and I think I picked it up for around £5, which is unbelievable for the quality. 

Let me know if you have any silver/grey hair care tips, I'd love to know what your thoughts are!

For now,

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