Why We All Should Be Feminists

Monday, 18 January 2016

"The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.” - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Hello you lovely lot. Here's another ranty post from me, you know you love them. Grab a biccy and get ready to delve deep into the random thoughts of yours truly. 
The word 'feminist' is treated like a dirty word, I find it scares a lot of women. People have this automatic assumption that if you are a feminist, you're extreme.

They're a lot of myths and misconceptions that surround feminism itself. Such as we're all men-hating, stay at home mums, who don't shave our armpits. That's not what the movement identifies as universally. 

I've not always been a feminist. I've also been confused and primarily listened to the media's representation of what it means to be feminist. It's not until I researched myself and became more exposed to it, that I decided to shout about it. 

  • I'm a feminist because I want to live in a world which being a 'woman' doesn't define or limit you.
  • I'm a feminist because I want to live in a happier world, where we aren't fighting for equality.
  • I'm a feminist because it's not okay for men to cat-call me in the street. 

How could any female not be a feminist? Unless they have the attitude that 'ignorance is bliss' and aren't fully aware of what it truly means. Btw, this is not a shaming post for those who are non-feminist. I feel like it should make it a priority to educate non-feminists on what they're missing out on. 

Why shouldn't we feel comfortable to voice our opinions on the equality of the sexes? Why shouldn't we shout about the social, economical and political equality of men and women? This is not even limited to females, but males too. 

Feminism is the focus is on the inequality of the sexes. (I feel like I've said feminist/feminism about a million times.) 

As women, we are born into a society where we have to prove our worth. Society creates strict bindings of what it considered to be 'womanly'. This not just dangerous to women, but to men too. As much as we define femininity, we create a small, restricting box that fits masculinity too. 

We should all take a leaf out of Emma Watson's book. I know we can't all be a UN Goodwill for Women Ambassador. But her profile has enabled her to successfully campaign a lot for human rights. Most importantly, she's been a prominent face in the HeForShe campaign. Which you should all totally research. 

Why I'm a feminist:

In 2016, there should be no gender pay gap. 
In 2016, women should not feel that they cannot wear certain clothing, in case they are subject to judgement. 
In 2016, we should not be defined by our gender. 

So get out there, show the world you're a boss ass b*tch and shout that you're a feminist. The world is a scary enough place without having the restrictions of gender. 

If you fancy a chuckle, read this BuzzFeed post that gives me life: 32 things You Realise when You Become a Feminist 


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