Why I Hate Blogging

Thursday, 11 February 2016

I'm probably the world's worst blogger.

Soz not soz, but this post is going to be a bit of a neggy one. You might have read that title and thought - why the heck am I writing this post if I hate blogging so much. You're probably right to think so too. I'm the first person to preach about the positivity of blogging - so I'm sure this will come as a shock to some.

I guess, I'm sick of feeling the pressure of being a carbon copied blogger who is reviewing the latest MAC products or is collaborating with some hugely in demand brand. And I have posted those posts. But because I want to share products I absolutely love and I think you'll benefit from buying them. I understand that bloggers need to make money - and collaborations with brands are of huge importance to bloggers, especially if that's their full-time job. But that's just not me right now. That's not where my blog is or ever will be.

I think bloggers are so important to society nowadays and the way blogging is shaping the world is exciting. The new digital age is placing the importance of blogger opinions for advertising hugely, and it's great that so many are actually making fully-established careers for themselves.

But my blog is my blog. One thing I'd like to think my blog does is capture my personality for one - cus ya know I'm super cool and y'all wanna read what I think. Second of all, I want my blog to teach people I guess. Whether that's my latest post on mental health or just a simple recipe I pulled outta the bag when I was feeling experimental.

List posts definitely seem to be a popular with the few lovely people who read my blog, so I'll break it all down as to why I hate blogging. 

1. The pressure of being a 'Social Media Socialite'

I love me some Twitter. I love me some Facebook stalking. What I don't love is feeling like I have to engage with every Tom, Dick and Harry to get my blog out there. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Twitter chat - when the topic is actually interesting. But I will not purposely plan my evening around a specific Twitter chat to promote my blog. I get home from work and the last thing I want to do is schedule tweets promoting my latest post. I'll leave the link once, maybe twice if I think it's stellar and hope that people who care, read my blog. I hate feeling pressured to promote my blog all over my social media - my Twitter and Insta are my personal accounts. I'm sure people who know me don't really want me being spammy on their timelines. I commend those who can balance two sets of social media, keeping a themed Instagram account and is still sane.

2. Schedules.

Maybe I'm not a blogging superstar who has thousands of followers, that will get angsty and send me messages reminding me that my '6pm Wednesday post is still not live'. But the blogging world likes to imprint these tiny subliminal messages, saying that if you don't stick to a 3x a week schedule, people won't be interested in your blog. Heck. I'm not nearly as interesting enough to post weekly on my blog - let alone every Monday, Wednesday AND Friday. I'm sorry if you actually read my blog and you want more posts - which if you actually to please help a gal out and lift my spirits pls. But I post when I'm inspired by something. When I'm feeling great about myself, which is not often of late. I don't want to feel pressured to spend my entire Sunday creating posts, and scheduling them for later on that week. Especially now I'm working full-time. My blog is currently schedule-less and I like it that way.

3. The pressure of numbers.

I'm the first person to be happy if one of my favourite bloggers has hit 70K page views, I'm chuffed for them. But as a relatively small blog, I feel there's a pressure to hit targets and page views and follows and the rest of it. I'm not in it for numbers. Personally, I don't think many bloggers are. So I'm wondering where the numbers-based pressure comes from. Bloggers with thousands of followers often state that you shouldn't worry about numbers, but it's okay for them, they have an established following. You can't help but feel disheartened when you write a great post for it not be received as well as you thought it would be - and that's okay. It's fine to feel disheartened about blogging. I do it all the time. It's a love/hate relationship.

4. Having a 'niche'

The age of blogger debate: to 'niche' or not to 'niche'. I wouldn't say I have a niche. I would like to eventually but I'm not entirely sure what angle I would like to have.  I love reading niche blogs. They all seem to have their sh*t together. They're to the point. They're punchy and feisty and know exactly who they appeal to. But I also think it's okay to be a floating blog, dabbling in anything and everything. I've dabbled throughout my life. From performing arts, to english literature to marketing and media. I'm a very undecided person about a lot of things. My blog is just a reflection of things that I'm passionate about or enjoy. It doesn't make your blog any less enjoyable if you cover a broad range of topics.

5. Being too PC for life.

Why are people so afraid of offending people? I know the whole British stereotype with a stiff upper lip comes to mind and all that jazz. But seriously. If you want to post something that's slightly controversial then DO IT. I, for one, will definitely read it and applaud you. We need to worry less about what other people will think and get it out there. I've been through life being too worried about what other people think, but I'm finally at a stage where if you don't like it, then lump it. Of course I don't set out to offend anybody - that's not me at all. But if you're slightly upset by a quotation I used AND then write a long, essay comment as to why you don't agree with it - then I won't lose sleep over it. I post what I'm passionate about and what I believe in. I love seeing other bloggers speak up about 'taboo' subjects. It's liberating - especially since I'm partial to reading the odd feminist post. Yay for #GenderEquality!

I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, when I want to do it and that's fine by me. *drops the mic*

Peace out,

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