Why I've Become an Unintentional Veggie

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Now don't hate. You will have seen not long ago a recipe containing real chicken on my blog, so you may think I'm being hypocritical. But, hear me out.

As I've been trying to eat a lot more healthier and shift a bit of xmas podge, I've found myself ditching the meat. (Despite being prone to the odd Sunday Roast.) Quorn has been my old friend, and I've actually started reaching for him more often.

This is not me telling you I'm a vegetarian - because I'm not. I've been down that path. That path only made me ill. I never really used to eat a lot of food - I always stuck to what I know I liked and never really tried anything. To cut and long story short, it ended in me being very ill all the time as I was neglecting the all important protein in my diet. I already have a pretty crappy immune system, and I don't need anything that's going to make that worse.

But as I said, I've been absolutely loving Quorn. Their mince, their chicken pieces and their sausages. It's so yummy, and incredibly nutritionally healthy. I mean, with Mo Farah as their poster guy, it's not going to be a bad shout is it?

I'm just going to chuck a little disclaimer out there - I've never really been a huge lover of red meat anyway. I only really used to eat chicken, with the odd hungover bacon sandwich.

Even then, I think if I cut those both out completely, I don't think I would flinch. This horrors some people, and I don't really understand why. My boyfriend is a huge meat-eater, and I think he would cry if I told him I was going veggie.

I'm just going to say it - I prefer the taste of Quorn to real meat. Yes, I know a radical, unpopular opinion.

But it's honestly soooooooo good, and more people should try it! I've made the best chicken stir fry's with Quorn, and some absolutely yummy bolognese all stuffed in some fresh peppers. Like absolute food goals were created with Quorn.

It's super easy to cook, and if you're not confident in the kitchen, don't worry. It's easier to cook than meat - and at least you won't kill yourself via. undercooked chicken.

I'm not going to tell you to start eating Quorn, and preach about animal slaughtering and sustainability. Because, to be honest, I'm not sure I really understand all these preaching eco-peeps. You know the type. Green. I was really amazed to meet so many Greens at university, it's actually a thing. I'm joking.

I'm not throwing any shade at the Greens, or am I?

But that's not me. I'm not telling you to stop loving that steak you're so fond of. I'm telling you that you should try Quorn, every once in a while. Because it's so damn good - and healthy!

Just cast your eyes over these mouth-watering recipes on their website and tell me you're not tempted?

For now,

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