How To Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

Saturday, 5 March 2016


I don't really talk too much on my blog about Leon, but I thought maybe it's time I did, cus he's bloody amazing (cringe but true). It's also his birthday tomorrow - so I'm feeling a bit mushy. Please forgive me.

I won't bore you with the details of us just yet, but what I will let you guys know is we live pretty far apart. I mean, he goes to university in London and since I've left university - you can read all about that here, we've had to go back to living miles apart.

I've been there. I get it. Long distance sucks, but boy it doesn't half make you appreciate your loved one even more so. It's definitely made my relationship stronger. I think we manage it pretty well, and I figured I would share some tips on how we deal with being miles away from each other.


Now I know, being miles apart you're obviously giving each other enough space. But I mean in other aspects too. When Leon left for London for university of course it was hard, but I had to learn to let go a little bit. Don't be too upset if he doesn't reply to you 24/7, they're busy having a life too. It does not mean they have forgotten about you at all. Although you may think that, I promise they haven't.


Obviously when you're used to someone being around every day, and suddenly you're left with a gaping hole in your weekly routine, it will be a shock to the system. But I recommend trying a new hobby. Whether that be a form of exercise, which you can look forward too. Or even baking, and perfecting those Mary Berry recipes, I'm sure you're significant other will appreciate this too! For me, my blog is my baby - even though I've neglecting it throughout February (soz).

Use this time wisely, you'll appreciate all this alone time when you actually get to see each other. Seriously, I feel awful. But sometimes a gal has just gotta have that space and me time without ya boy around.


Just because they're miles away doesn't mean you have to stop with those romantic gestures. You can still order some flowers to your loved ones door, as a little note to remind them you're thinking of them. Or even sending a cute letter of card. Little gestures don't have to be restricted by the distance. So Leon, if you're reading this - hint hint.

I kid. But, it's always nice to (in the words of Take That) relight the fire. Never did I think I would be quoting Take That on my blog. First for everything I guess.


Now this goes without saying in any relationship, but it's massively important if you're in a long distance relationship. If you're not happy with something you're significant other is doing/has said, then speak up about it. Don't let it linger and cause bad air between you.

I'm speaking from experience, and I can tell you it's a thousands times easier if you just raise your concerns. You'll feel a serious weight lifted.


Planning exciting dates in advance will give you something to look forward too. Your time with each other is obviously very special, and when it's limited you want to make the most of it. Organise going to the cinema to see that film you've been dying to see. Or even plan a nice meal at your favourite restaurant - I'm sure this will go down a treat. But on the other hand, don't forget your downtime together. There ain't nothing wrong with a lil' Netflix and chill. (No, seriously. Binge watching series and eating are like mine and Leon's favourite past time.)

There just a few tips for those feeling a bit helpless right now - and I get it, I've been there. The best advice I can give you is that it will get better. I know that's probably not very comforting, but it's true. Let me know if you've got any tips, or you need any advice - I'm always happy to help!


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