My Fitness Journey ft. Cute Nutrition

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sophie-Anne Hamilton, UK Lifestyle Blog

Hola guys, now I'm not a fitness expert. lol. But I thought I would start sharing with you my fitness journey, that I've pushed myself to work on *eye rolling emoji*. You know how it can be, when us girls jump up a dress size. Well, for me anyway, I ended up crying into a bag of Doritos wondering where I was going wrong... The shame.

So a little background on my fitness/weight/life, last year was definitely the best year for me in terms of my fitness. I was regularly going to the gym at least twice a week, coming up to the summer time. Cus ya know, didn't wanna go for the whole beached whale look in Salou.

So I hit the gym hard. Like, I was fearless. Pushing myself and using weights like a badass gal. Of course, I struggle to keep off the weight with having a crazy sweet tooth. But, I looked for guidance from The Weight Loss collection from Protein World - I actually posted about this collection, in case you're looking for some weight management products.

But, anyway, less of the rambles.

I was a lot happier with my body, and I was healthy too. Then before I started uni, I decided to take a trip to the doctors as I was piling on the pounds, and it turns out it was due to hormones and that pesky contraceptive pill. This was soooooooo annoying since I've literally had 0 problems with being on the pill until then. So, I decided to come off the pill and away I went to university.


Piled on some more pounds. Ya gal just loved a ham + cheese toastie and my cooking skills weren't too polished tbh.

*cutting the story the point*

Despite suffering with crippling anxiety, I was determined to join the gym again. It took me 2 months to actually pluck up the courage to go... The thought of just walking into the gym made me want to vomit. I know from a rational thinking person, people don't go to the gym to look at you - they go to work out, obviously. But I couldn't stop thinking about everyone looking at me and judging me.

Stupid I know.

But once you get over the initial stepping into the gym, I promise you, you'll feel amazing. I'd conquered a fear I never thought I would, and I was so blimming proud of myself. I even cried a bit lol.

Since I've started back, I've been committed to going again at least once a week. I've taught myself to get into the kitchen too, and I've found that cooking is actually great therapy. For me to lose the weight it has to be an equal balance between eating right, and exercising.

Don't get me wrong, I don't eat healthy 100% of the time. But I've had a little help from a relatively new brand -  Cute Nutrition these past few days and I've really felt the difference in myself.

I discovered this brand through Sarah Ashcroft (That Pommie Girl), my absolute girl crush who I've been fan-girling over since day 1. Like me, Sarah explained how she has a real sweet tooth and really struggled to keep the weight off but she's done a few months with these products and she looks incredible. Literally. Incred.

Of course I was on their website like the minute after reading her blog post and was buying that sh*t cus gal needs her help. I can't really tell you too much about yet, but I promise to report back. But first impressions, I'm impressed.

I bought the chocolate shake and the water retention tablets, and I've felt huge difference in myself already. But like I say, I'm planning on documenting my journey with these products.

I guess I wanted to give people a little bit of hope, especially those who are suffering with anxiety, that the gym isn't that scary and you really can do it.

I know it feels virtually impossible at first, but you'll get there. Grab a friend. Or your mum. I've grabbed Lou into my weightless journey and we're doing this together. Leon's also joined the gym, and we can all just encourage each other.

Also whenever I've been needing some inspiration I've been loving Anne's posts from AnneSmiles, she's the happiest person I've met through blogging and she gives some really handy tips when it comes to getting into the gym.

Let me know if you have any questions about Protein World, or Cute Nutrition and I'll be happy to give you my opinions on them. For now...


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