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Saturday, 16 April 2016

It shouldn't be news to anybody, but I'm pretty crap when it comes to 'beauty'. I mean, I love make-up, I think applying my make-up can be very therapeutic, but I'm terrible at all the other bits. You know, the daily moisturising of the body and keeping up with your chipped nails.

I love writing about my favourite beauty products, sharing some killer products with other bloggers, but when it comes to be being a high-maintencne gal, I've just not got the frigging time. I know some of you may be wincing at your screen, but I'm a super low maintenance kinda gal. I mean, who really gets their hair cut the recommended every 6 weeks? I sure don't...


As I said in my previous post, I haven't got a clue how to contour, well properly.

I've tried the Makeup Revolution powder palette, and yeah I thought the highlighters' were great but maybe it was just the shades, they just made me look like an orange mess. 

I think for those blessed with Kimmy K features, it can do wonders, but I am not waking up at 6am to start this whole dot-to-dot scientific maps of the stars on my face, for the sake of a smaller looking face. Na-da, not for me. 

Fake tanning

Now don't get me wrong, I love the whole sun-goddess look, but unfortunately I just can't deal with the upkeep of a tan. Being the pale being I am, it's nice to fake a sun-kissed look rather than being a tomato at any sort of exposure to actual sun... 

Like I just can't deal with the whole exfoliating before in the shower, moisturising all your dry areas, and then applying the tan.

If it's someones birthday nightout, or usually a huge event, I'm down for the last minute swipe of the body. Hats off to anybody who upkeeps their tan - send your gal over here some tips!

Applying Fake Eyelashes

From since I was a young girl, I've danced and competed in competitions, so naturally I should be a pro at applying eyelashes. NAH. I'm awful. Like point blank terrible.

I'm also one of those terrible girlfriend's who will blame Leon if they're not going on properly. Like guys, if your girlfriend is mid-eyelash applying then DO NOT EVER ask her how long she's going to be... like you have a death wish.

I'm far too impatient to wait for the glue to get tacky enough to put on to my eyelashes in the first place. Just a couple of coats of my trusty They're Real and I'ma good to go.

Winged Liner

As a YouTube addict, I'm forever watching beauty tutorials, especially from my fave NikkiTutorials - that girl is a life changing. I love watching MUA's creating all these crazy cut crease eye looks, and I'm there like I can't even apply eyeliner correctly, how daf*ck did she just do that?

I can practice till my heart's content but I never get it exactly how I wanted. It's either a pointless line along my eyelashes, or a full-on botched Cleopatra job - which is never a good look. 

If anyone has any tips on eyeliner, then give us a shout. Also shout out to Orlagh's eyeliner tekkers - Orlagh I'm forever jealous of our liner and may it forever be on point. 

Eyebrow Grooming

I love me a HD Brow treatment, like those bad-boys make your eyebrows look carved from the gods. But, £25 a pop, it's hardly something I indulge it every month - ya know, poor gal saving for uni over here.

Also, if you've never had a HD Brow treatment, then you really should go and get one. It's around an 8-step process that will leave you will absolute killer brows. Like Instagram worthy brows. 

I just tend to let mine grow till the point of no return, and it's horrendous. I've tried all sorts, tweezing, waxing and threading, nothing makes my babies look as good as HD. If anyone has any tips on how to create the perfect brows then send me the link ASAP, ya gal gotta sort this out. 

Throwing out Products

I'm terrible. I never look at the product use-by dates, I dunno if it's #lazygirlprobs or just my awful memory. I'm also a hoarder. Like I have drawers and drawers of make-up I keep, you know, just in case I feel brave enough to rock a neon purple lip. Imagine what life would be like being a crazy-known full-time blogger, my life would be outta control.

These are just a few beauty things I'm crap at, let me know if you guys have any tips in the comments below!

Over and out.

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