What It's Like Being the Boyfriend of a Blogger

Friday, 8 April 2016


Calling all B.O.B.S, this one is for you.

BOB is a term I created. Boyfriend of a Blogger. Might get it trademarked if it takes off. This is a post for you. There’s loads of us I know that (which is the first perk of being a BOB). It is easy to look from the outside in and listen/watch us boyfriends exist in the background of the blogging world but no one ever wants to know what life is really like as a BOB. So you’re about to find out.

We didn’t sign up for this. We never asked to be part of an online life but it happens and we have to deal with it. I’ve learnt a lot about this world now. I’ve even set up my own blog. It’s about football and as you’ll be reading this off Soph’s blog, it probably won’t interest you BUT IT MIGHT INTEREST THE BOBS.

Firstly, blogging is well and truly in the daily routine and plans need making around when it is blogging time. God forbid me suggesting going out for an early dinner if blogging time is scheduled between 5 and 7. Blogging is in the daily routine now. It ranks as high as brushing the teeth in terms of importance.

Going outdoors as a BOB is always fun, for example:

“Wait wait wait, let me just take a picture of this.”

“Soph that is a leaf.”

“Yeah but it’s a really cool leaf.”

“But it is still a leaf.”

“Shut up, let it happen.”

I’d say taking photos for blog posts puts a good half an hour more on a trip out. Which is fine for you lot. 

You don’t pay for the parking.

Tell you what one of my favourite things is, being blamed because Soph has no blogging inspiration. Then when I try to inspire being shouted at for suggesting rubbish ideas. Right, I’m no expert but how can it possibly be my fault that Soph has hit a wall and can’t think of anything to write? Please. Someone. Tell me. I’m used to being blamed because the make-up goes wrong and being blamed for waking her up in my sleep but this one, this is a whole new level. Silence falls. Looks to kill. Tell you, I’d rather be waiting for Soph to be taking pictures of leafs than be around when she doesn’t know what to write.

NEXT. I am now involved in people’s lives I didn’t even know existed. Actively involved. I know more about Sarah Ashcroft than I ought to. I wake up and I’m watching someone else talk about make up or life or clothes and stuff. I go to sleep listening to someone talk about make up or life or clothes and stuff. I’m driving us out somewhere and all of sudden MY RADIO is turned down so I can listen to someone talk about make up or life or clothes and stuff. I once told Soph I didn’t care about a family I was watching chill at the beach. Never again. Soph is basically a family friend. I have to care.

It’s not all bad. I don’t read Soph’s posts often but apparently I get the odd nice mention now and again.

It only took Soph about 6 months to get me to write this post. Like I said it is for all the BOBS, you’re not alone. 

I’ll leave with three tips on how to be a successful BOB:

  • Just nod, nodding is great
  • Don't suggest idea for the blog unless asked or promoted, this is important
  • Roll with it, let them leaf photos be taken and those family home videos watched (In case you're wondering Leon is talking about The Michalaks, and if you aren't subscribed to their channel, then what are you doing? 

I guess I will see you in another 6 months or so, probably on youtube by the time you read this Soph will have started her relentless pursuit of us doing a 'Vlog' - cannot wait. *eye rolling emoji*


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