Is blogging is dead?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

As you may or may not know, I’ve not blogged since April. I know, shock horror. 

Blogging was something I was absolutely in love with, but it slowly took over my life and often left me feeling drained. I spent my entire working day, slaving away over a computer screen, the last thing I wanted to do was spend my entire evening staring blankly at a screen.

However, here I am again. 

I’ve been having an internal conflict for a while now, and it took a lot of deliberating to come back to blogging because… well blogging is dead

So why are you continuing to write? Just for myself, I guess. But I mean there's defo a positive correlation between me reading Laura Jane William's memoir, and me now wanting to kick ass. And for those of you who haven't yet read this cracking book, you seriously need to. 

As the realm of Youtube is expanding and opportunities arise, I find that professional content on channels engages me than more reading a blog. I guess, unless you're mega swish, it's hard for people to understand your personality through words on a screen. Unless you're Hannah Gale, cus you know, bae. 

Whilst I’ve been in the background, mulling in my own exhaustion and needless to say depression, I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging has lost its edge. We’ve completely lost the girl who shares her £10 bargains from Matalan and moved towards ‘how to style a Chanel you can’t afford’ and in the famous words of Skepta, That’s Not Me. 

I want people to read my blog as if we’re best gal pals having a natter over an iced vanilla late. I don’t want people to feel disconnected from me. I’m real, and I certainly can’t afford a Chanel bag. 

                                                                       *     *     *      *      *      *     *

SO what's happened since April?

1. I'm now eating a gluten-free diet, which is the bane of my life. It's still very early days, but if there are any recipes that I really enjoy, I might start sharing them with those as unfortunate as me. *cries violently about not stuffing myself with Dominos*

2. I'm also nearly 2/3 through my new job, and I'm well on the way to planning to head off to university in September again, which is giving me all sorts of feels.

3. I'm sort of trying to manage my mental health. (very poorly, but it's one step at a time.) 

4. I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with Leon - wahoo! (who thought we'd get there, I didn't, love ya bab!)

*     *     *      *      *      *     *

Anyway, I’m still in the process of figuring out where I want to take my blog, with the layout and style of my posts. But I guess that will come with time, and I shall have a lot of  time come September. She hopes.

I kinda like the idea of micro blogging, I've been reading a lot into that ol' can of worms and I think being short, snappy and to the point is what we need in 2016. People aren't engaged in long, lengthy posts anymore. (lol this is such a ramble, i'm sorry)

I guess like most bloggers, I've also been toying about starting Youtube, but lack of funds. Y'all feel me? But I used to be very active with performing arts, and I guess Youtube might be a thang to try. We'll see...

ANYWHO, without being an negative Nancy, this is me with my BIG comeback (not like a Blue Big Reunion comeback) but a proper comeback. I'm going to experiment with brand new content, and continue to lull over Youtube and blog. 

P.S a massive thank you to anyone who has stuck around and still kept following me on Twitter etc. I means a lot. 

Until next time,

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