I like being alone, but that doesn't make me lonely

Thursday, 26 January 2017

I like being alone, I'm not lonely - pintsizedsoph

When I decided to take the plunge and head back to university, there was one thing I knew I wanted to do - and that was to live alone. Alone? Ha, why the hell would I want to do that I hear you say? 

Well… I enjoy being alone.

The beauty of being able to cook your dinner in your pants, without any questions. Well, the simple luxury of being able to cook exactly what I want, when I want is great. 

I guess, I've always been an introvert at heart, but an extrovert when I need to be or feel comfortable. 

I recently read an article on the blessed Thought Catalogue which summed me up perfectly. 

For those of you with anxiety, and that are high functioning you should give that a read. I've literally never read something that hit hit me to the core, and make me think "shit, that is me."

I can sometimes find social situations a little overwhelming, and naturally have to get myself out of it and sometimes it literally means me running away to calm myself down. Soz to a lot of my friends, because I do this way more than I should. (Love you all)

But, along with my anxiety comes spending a lot of time in my own company. I'm okay with that. In face, I love that. 

My little studio flat is my little bit of heaven, where I can have my me-time and not be disturbed. So many people ask me if I get lonely, or tried to ‘advise’ me to move back into halls. But, I mean, I’m 21 years old. I’m essentially an adult and I cannot think of anything less I’d like than to be in a flat with 18 year olds, who are new to absolutely everything - no offence, but it’s just not for me.

I've already been looking at flats for next year, and for me, my personal space is my haven. I would rather spend a little bit extra money on having a nice, spacious room which I can call my own. Not just because of my anxiety, I mean, it helps me having a calm space to come home to. But, I like having 'me' time. If I want to go out and be sociable I will do, I'm not a recluse. (lol) 

(Cute lil' photo of my dreamy bed, it's soooo high that I literally fall out of it)

I guess, I've never really been a person who has enjoyed going on nights out all the time. For one, I suffer with the worst hangovers known to man, and overall I just think it's overrated. I much prefer spending my time in a nice bar, and actually being able to speak to the people I'm with. 

I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about how they are teetotal, or don't really drink. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes I can happily be 80% filled with Prosecco, but it completely depends on the situation. A lot of the time for me, alcohol makes my mental health uncontrollable. Sometimes, if I've had a few too many, it's even resulted in me having severe panic attacks, and I'd rather do everything in my power to stop those from happening. 

I am also a grumpy old woman who loves having her own space. I don’t have to deal with any flatmate dramas, or any midnight sly texts about who has left their pans on the side for the 8th day running…. 

I can hoover, sleep, cook, dance naked and eat whenever I bloody want and it’s bliss. 

But, just because I’m alone, that doesn't mean I’m lonely. 

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