No I'm not 16. Yes, I really am 21.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Who wasn't obsessed with Starbucks Fudge Hot Chocolates, cus I certainly was. Bring 'em back :( 

I love a good rant, like a good old, grab a cuppa and put your feet up rant to your mum, or ya BFF. 

I sometimes like to think of my blog, as a little corner of the internet I own. I almost like to treat it like a diary where I can rant, cus I can do that until the cows come home. 

So, I've decided to add a dear diary section to my blog, to house all my inner thoughts that I need to blurt out. Whether that be about love and relationships, generally irritating things within mass culture or just a big ol' rant about uni. 

So here goes numbero uno...

* * *

Dear Diary, 

The most annoying thing ever about not looking your age is arguably the patronising comments you can get.

I was doing my weekly shop in Lidl, as like every week. I took myself off to the till, shopping on the belt and as it got to my turn, I knew what was coming... Yes, you can have my ID, because yes I need that Peach Schnapps in my life.

But, again, I got 'surely, you're not 21?'


I am well aware that I don't look my age, and you certainly don't need to remind me.

I'm that friend that's always asked for ID when I'm on a night-out. I mean, I was even asked for ID to buy Super Glue in Poundland the other week... It's a skill, I'm sure.

But nevertheless, I still find it rude when patronising comments are made upon my appearance. Would you blurt in someone's face that they're awfully small? or skinny? or old? No. So, why do people think it's okay to call me out on being baby-faced?

I'm absolutely aware there will come a time in my life, where I'll be absolutely thrilled when someone thinks I'm younger than I am.
But that time is not right now.

It's frustrating a lot of the time, because my mum always says 'I'm older than my years', and I guess I am. I'd say I'm quite a mature twenty-one year old, and priorities other issues than most people would my age.

One being, I am at university, but for one thing only - to smash my degree. A lot of people my age focus on going out 3 times a week, or going to every social event possible but not me. (No offence meant, but you know what'm trying to say).

Truthfully, I probably don't like going-out because I'm quite an introvert. Introverted in the sense that I like my own company, and that's a large part of the reason I chose to live in a studio flat. What I'm trying to say is that my head is firmly screwed on, and my focus is primarily on getting a good degree, to help kick start my career.

But because I'm an introvert, that doesn't mean I'm not confident. I am certainly confident enough to pull you up when you piss me off.

And sorry Lidl man, but you pissed me off.

Do you look younger than you're age? Do you find it annoying, or do you embrace it?

Thanks for reading, pals!


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