The £6 Drugstore Foundation for Pale Skin

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pale girls of the world, I am here to save your day. For years and years, I've been heading to my local Superdrug or Boots looking for a foundation fit my criteria:

1. Inexpensive 
2. Overs good coverage 
3. Doesn't look horrendous on my oily/acne prone skin
AND, 4. Isn't too dark for me.

I'm not asking for a lot am I? Well for as long as I can remember I would walk into a local drugstore, and scrap endless testers over my hand to try and find something that didn't look like a giant wotsit (or cheeto for ya'll internationals) had been smeared all over me. The struggle was real. 

Even when brands claimed they had a 'Porcelain' shade, I could guarantee it wouldn't match my complexion. I explicitly remember going to school, and there being a 'no make-up' rule (which I obviously disobeyed) but somehow I still managed to convince myself that no-one would notice the thick foundation line I tried to rock.

Not only did I suffer with the issue that I was essentially born a part of the Cullen family, but I suffered with horrible, teenage acne, which still hasn't left my face, wahoo. My skin is oily, and my pores are the size of moon craters and anything I've used seems to seep into them and highlight them as a nice feature of my face. 

Well, I think, I've finally found my holy grail foundation for my pale ass skin. What is this miracle product I hear you ask? It's none other than Maybelline's FitMe Matte & Poreless Foundation. I've never written a full review on any product before, so this bad boy is that shit.

This stuff is magical and I've mentioned it in my February Make-Up favourites before. It's also £5.99, and that's definitely something my poor student self can deal with. The foundation is a liquid formula that is primarily for normal to oily skin complexions. 

The foundation claims to 'mattify and redefine pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin.' What do you know, it actually does what it claims to do. It's super light weight and silky on my skin, and it really does give me a seamless finish. 

The shade range for this foundation is also a massive plus! I have the shades 105 'Natural Ivory' and 110 'Porcelain'. Natural Ivory has more of a pinky undertone, whereas the Porcelain shade has more of yellow undertone. However, I prefer the Porcelain shade as I prefer yellow-toned foundations on my skin. 

I also have shade 130 Buff Beige, for when I'm tanned (which I am in this, if you can't tell lol.) This stuff is great if you're on a student budget, and currently Superdrug have their 3 for 2 across cosmetics instore and online - so you have more of an excuse to grab some new beauty buys!

Let me know if you guys have any other drugstore beauty recommendations, cus this gal is as poor as they come right now, and still waiting on that student loan to drop...

Thanks for reading, pals!


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